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With a deep rooted passion for science, I have designed a unique prototype of a bed-cum-wheelchair, conceptualised a mobile application BAPU and am currently intrigued by the field of technological research where I will attempt to unravel the mysteries of our world. I wish to aid in alleviating mankind through the applications of science, so that a better tomorrow gets crafted for all.

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About Me

Generating a natural fervour for research and science, I have travelled perhaps a not so long yet invigorating path so far. I am Arushi, a keen soul who happened to look at life in an unconventional way ever since I conceptualized my unique bed-cum-wheelchair for my grandma. Apart from this, I have also ideated a mobile application, BAPU (Bacchon Aao Padhon Uthon) where one can exchange used books so that ‘knowledge’ can be shared by all. Growing up in two contrasting hometowns, Delhi and Kolkata, I have learned to amalgamate both the “Namaste” and the “Namashkar”, the vociferousness of Delhites and the sweetness of Bengalis and so on and so forth. To me, life is like a blank canvas where I wish paint a mesmerizing picture of a utopic realm, where sustainability shall thrive and people will lead a soothing, serene life. I have always believed in community building and compassion is what I seek to infuse in my future endeavours.